Saturday, January 29, 2011

When She was Young

When She was Young

28"x 34"
acrylic/fluted sbs

This somewhat staying with the "mother" theme.....
When we were kids, our grandparents,aunt, and dad would tell us stories about our mom,  about how she was just like the boys, and in many cases braver and more fearless.

 She would go swimming  in the river full of eels, crabs, fish ....and god only knows what else!
Fish on the dock, cut her own bait and clean her own fish!
She was on the swim team and would frequently beat the boys at their own game,  I can attest to the humiliation of losing to her in ping-pong matches and other games of skill.

So I felt that this painting best represents her in a single frame.... what other gal would pick up two writhing snakes at the same time?

I'm not getting mushy, I just felt it was a nice tribute... Hi Mom


  1. what an amazing painting. the work has an incredible ability to draw the viewer into the landscape. i feel as though i am a part of it when i look. truly transporting.

    your mom sounds like she is one of a kind! fearless-a great way to live life:) thank you for sharing this about her.

  2. Laura...
    Thanks for your insite, I'm glad that you have been drawn in!
    And I'm glad it has touched you in some manner!

    Yeah she's quite a gal!
    thank you

  3. oh how i like this jb, the painting and all about your mother. happy you having one of her kind! julia

  4. thank you Julia...
    I apperciate you saying so!
    the painting is only a mental reflection of her