Friday, June 3, 2011



acrylic/fluted sbs
28"x 34"

Years ago, I lived in SW. Wyoming in a small town called Evanston, it was your everyday small town in the West, there were the typical places to go, and things to do....As Western standards go.

I worked as a bar back in a place called "Billy's Country Emporium" that was short lived..... eventually I worked construction.... The work was hard and rewarding, it was up on a mountain in an area called "Carter Creek", the rest of the country was in recession,  we worked like slaves and lived like kings....

We were a rough-shot bunch and would take small road trips .........Blow off steam and take in the surroundings,(which were unbelievable), usually we'd just throw sleeping bags and cooler's in the car/truck and head North, either to Southern Montana, Jackson Hole/Yellowstone or Southeastern Idaho area..... it was truly one of the highlight's of my youth....

So on one of these trips, we were just South of Yellowstone and a group of us probably 10,  pulled off the road and set up camp under a long stretch of pine and aspen, built a fire, and  proceeded to enjoy the day.

After a while I remember stretching out under the sky... and watching the day pass, The sky there is different from any where I have lived before or after.

I somewhat ignored the party going on (for a while) and just watched the sun moving across the sky....

And I thought ... As a young man

" I will never forget this....."

So here it is almost 30 years later.... I have not forgotten it, the people that were there are a bit fuzzy, but the clean day and the air that swirled around us has remained as fresh as it was that weekend. or just last weekend.

(I hope I didn't give away my age on this story, but its all part of sharing one's experiences)