Sunday, January 23, 2011

by the red door

i think my most memorable dreams from the last ten years are those with my mother in them.  she died in 2000.  the encounters i have with her have never been negative. she always seems to be in a place of peace. although she never beckons me to join her, most of the time in my dreams she does watch from afar from a place that is very nebulous and unrecognizable yet somehow strangely peaceful. the painting above is based on such a dream.  when i awoke from it i was filled with sense of well being and understanding. 


  1. It enriches an already beautiful painting to know what its story is.

  2. That's very beautifull; the painting and wath your mother means to you.

  3. Beautiful. My mother died in 2004, she visits me almost every night. The dreams are not as peaceful as yours although I wish they were. Thanks for the inspiring post.

  4. I am lucky to still have my Mother albeit in a place that is a new, undefined level. She is confused. But she is still wise. And she hates Mitch McConnell - she has grown more liberal and and more compassionate. Is there wisdom with age we don't source?

  5. thank you, lovely hadiah. your words mean a lot to me:)

    hi davida, thank your for visiting. when i was painting this and thinking about the dreams i had had of my mom, the fact that they were all really peaceful struck me. i wish the same for you.

    hi dear suse:) i certainly hope so! and i hope i am fortunate to live long enough to find out....i love that your mom has become kinder- i think empathy is the product of understanding and understanding the fruit of self knowledge, which comes from reflection, solitude and thought. i see these qualities in you all the time, and i am sure you learned them from her to some extent. thank you for visiting!

  6. Hey!!
    There you are.....
    love it, I like that the door is small and the room is big, it gives a cavernous effect that I find interesting.
    you gotta love somthing that relates to MOM!
    I miss her too

  7. i think that lewis carroll's recording of proportions in dreams in "alice in wonderland" was one of many brilliant attributes of that book. so thank you for noticing this- it happened by accident, but of course i was pleased with it when i saw it.

    mom's are special and i still miss mine a lot. it is strange, but i was talking with my sister about it a few years ago and she brought up the word orphan in the conversation, and, although i was 32 when she died, it still felt like and orphan in many ways...thanks jb. i really appreciate your insight.