Sunday, January 9, 2011

holding the moon in your arms

my sleeping dreams are usually very vivid and i remember most of them.  this painting attempts to capture a very compelling one i had on the night of the lunar eclipse that occurred on the winter solstice of 2010.  i had the dream after i went back to sleep-post eclipse.  it was very dark in the dream and i was trying to discover the reason for the darkness.  i found out then that a person had taken the moon out of the sky and was holding it on their shoulder.  keeping all the glowing light to itself.  the person was neither man nor woman yet i knew who it was.  which is very strange and enchanting! the overlap between waking reality and the minds processing of events into sleeping dreams is so interesting to me and i think about this crossover often. what does it mean?


  1. Beautiful!
    I love this project a lot, for being a fan of your work and og JB's work as well. :-)

    I also remember most of my dreams. Sometimes i also can scent my dreams. I also once had a lucid dream that i will not forget the rest of my life.

    Again: a great project and i'm curious about all what will come.

    Sweet greetz!

  2. thank you, jb:)

    i am excited monica! jb's work is something to aspire to for me. so strong and clear...

  3. this is wonderful !
    congrats to you both and I look forward to it unfolding , a great start to the new year !
    the painting is wonderful laura , I am reminded a little of camilla engmans strange narratives in this painting , but it is your work for sure :)

  4. congrats!!!! what a very special collaboration!
    can't wait to see more.
    even the words: holding the moon/ are so deeply touching,
    your painting is very beautiful.
    xo julia

  5. Another pearl on the web! Very excited, and a beauty of a paiting!

  6. most grateful, julia and francis:)

  7. Laura, Love your new paintings.It will be interesting to watch!

  8. What a fabulous dream. I'm so excited about this new collaboration! Bravo!

  9. Very moonlight feeling in this one.

    According to what I've read, the latest scientific theory about the meaning of dreams is that they're just your brain trying to process and store information, and it uses images from your daily experience to do that. But even science hasn't a clue as to why it does this in the form of stories...