Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Beauty of War

The Beauty of War


I have a habit of turning off the sound during the television commercials.....  It always seems to annoy, I don't watch all that much, but when I do, I seem to watch PBS.

I was watching with the sound off and during one of the breaks......

And the program was going in slow motion showing a bombing run during the Vietnam war.

It was very elegant....and eye catching, the bombs would slowly release from the plane and drift downward in a weightless slow silence, almost like it was an everyday occurrence without care or reason......
I'm not sure what was being said during the trailer.

Then the bombs would hit the ground, and the reason was evident, fireball, flying debris, smoke and much destruction, it almost seemed like the sound came on..... it was visual sound, and loud as any other.


  1. a truly stunning composition. the observations you have remind me of cormac macarthy's "blood meridian" an extremely violent story. however, the language used to tell the tale is so poetic and beautiful i found myself captivated despite my revulsion toward the actual narrative.

  2. Larua..
    Thanks, yeah trying to put it to words is, as it should be... a bit difficult considering the subject matter.
    Apperciate your comment, I value it.