Sunday, April 3, 2011

in kansas

i visited my father for almost two weeks recently.  he lives in kansas city, the place in which i grew up.  i seldom visit any longer-there never seems to be enough time, and, furthermore, it is expensive to get to from the east coast.  however, since my father was ill, i made the time.  it was good.  since i was without my children i was given the gift of being able to view the places of my childhood in a way that i had been unable to before.  certain landmarks that had been taken for granted by me earlier in my life took on mythical qualities.  in particular, i became transfixed by a group of factories by the missouri river, with bright candy cane striped smokestacks.  they seemed so surreal and slightly absurd against the grey days and the muddy, murky river. i am sure i had seem them many times before, but, i never noticed them. i was really struck by the notion of how much i ignored because it was familiar.  i probably missed a lot.  now that i am back at home, i hope to notice more here.  visual magic is everywhere.


  1. wonderful to hear what is behind your works.
    this is etheral, beautiful.

  2. Thank you for sharing this lovely note about the painting. I'm sure you formed a new impression of these familiar places and I love seeing how those details emerge in your work.

  3. thanks, julie and holly. i really feel as though i was given an opportunity i probably will not have again. and i appreciate this very much. xo

  4. Hey!!
    There she is swinging that brush... good to see!
    The mid-west is a gray zone during the winter and early spring, living here can really be a challenge for those needing the sun light....

    Hope things are good... The painting is no doubt a homage to K.C. and your father, well done

  5. Oh this is lovely- both the painting and this space here- filled with visual and verbal poetry! Beauty everywhere!

  6. thank you so much, jb. your words of encouragement gave me the push i needed...:)

    most grateful, dear anna maria! i am really loving what your are doing in your studio. inspiring!

  7. I like the way you explore/employ the various shades of white/grey in this. Sort of an allegory for viewing the familiar in new and different ways.